Elopement ideas in Portugal

This country has something magical inside its borders. The most beautiful beaches in Europe – for sure. Welcoming and open-minded citizens – of course. But there is something more: it has a special atmosphere that is hard to catch within words. That’s why so many people are falling in love with this land, and longing to come back as soon as they can. Why not elope to Portugal then? Let yourself feel that magical Portuguese wind, its wilderness and beauty of nature. Some people would simply call it… freedom. Isn’t it a perfect place for elopement wedding?

Why is Portugal a great place to elope?

Portugal is surrounded by the Atlantic, and you can easily fly there from the US (from New York it is less than seven hours). It is rather small, comparing to different European countries – its biggest city, Lisbon, has less than 500,000 people living there. The only thing you can feel overwhelmed by in here is the beauty of nature and power of ocean. It is not crowded, it is not too loud. It is perfectly comfortable. Portugal sounds like a perfect place for intimate elopement. You can really feel yourself.
Eloping in Portugal can be magical experience if you are looking for intimate and wild beaches, calm lagoons and windy cliffs. What is even better – there are so many beautiful spots all around, that you can easily move around and see lots of them in one day. Hit the road and get ready for an adventure. One of this adventures can be your portugal elopement wedding.

Practical information about elopement in Portugal

To organize your portugal elopement you will need to translate your birth certificates and maybe request for a special permission from the local police allowing you to marry your partner at your dreamed spot in the nature. As you might be wondering, same sex marriages are legal here since 2010. So as you can see – Portugal is quite “wedding friendly”. Nothing will keep you from doing it anywhere! Also, if what you have in mind is a bigger reception I have a list of magical wedding venues in Portugal.

Beautiful beaches to elope in Portugal. Secret beach with cliffs for a wedding in Portugal.

Oceanside elopement places ideas in Portugal

Algarve, the most famous region in Portugal, is known from its long, golden beaches and orange colored, high cliffs. It is surely beautiful, but around summer season (June-September) it can be overcrowded. If you want to plan your elopement in Portugal around that time, you might want to run away from the touristic spots to explore the unknown. Let me give you a hand with that!

Sagres, Praia de Beliche
Sagres is called “the end of the world” in Europe – it is located in extreme southwest of the continent. It offers the most stunning sunsets and high cliffs, from which you can see the real power of the Atlantic. You can either have a romantic walk on the rocks in Cape St. Vincent, or go down to Praia de Beliche, recite the wedding vows and kiss your lover surrounded by small caverns and golden sand. Beach elopement in Portugal? – sound like a dream!

Ponta de Piedade
One of the most beautiful form of nature you can see in the world. This magical beach is very famous from its caves and rock forms. If you seek for a bigger adventure, you can rent a boat or a kayak here, and go for a small trip with your beloved. This is another lovely place for an intimate beach wedding in Portugal.

Sesimbra, Praia de Cavalo
This beach might be tricky to find, but when you finally get there, you can’t believe it really exists. There is so much beauty located in a small, intimate beach. It is cut from the civilization by the bushes and high cliff, but there is a path for you to reach it safely. The light here gives a special atmosphere, and the color of the ocean makes it something you must see. Eloping there with your lover will be surely an unforgettable experience.

Peniche & Berlengas Islands
The city itself looks like a forgotten island – you can walk it all over on your feet, or move by car. Here you can find great seafood and long, sandy beaches perfect for your elopement and… surfing, of course! If you would like to try that sport, it might be a good opportunity. In the summer season you can also take a trip by boat to Berlengas Islands and if you are lucky, you will see dolphins swimming around. Those islands are totally uninhabited, so there is a big chance you will be there alone, having all this beauty for yourself. Uninhabited island as a place for an intimate wedding?! Sounds like a perfect place to elope!

Praia da Ursa
This beach is one of the most stunning beaches around Lisbon. It is situated next to Cabo da Roca – the western most point of Europe, surrounded by high cliffs and big waves. You’ll need to take a walk there, maybe even small hike behind the rocks, but for sure it going to be worth it. It is perfect spot for golden hour photoshoot and intimate beach wedding in Portugal.

Lagoa de Albufeira
Have you ever seen a beautiful, wild lake connected with the ocean? Lagoa de Albufeira is surrounded by impressive pine trees from one side, and golden dunes on the other side, that are meeting the ocean. It is calm, intimate, and the beach is longer that you could ever imagine. Serene! Time to elope at the ocean.

Praia do Guincho
Well known (but not crowded) surfing spot, long beach surrounded by cliffs and the Cresmina Dune – natural park with wooden walkaway, perfect for romantic walk in the end of the day. This beach is just few kilometres behind Cascais, small city next to Lisbon, often called the Pearl of Portugal. You can find many lofts & villas to rent for your honeymoon there.

Lisbon elopement ideas

You dream about intimate wedding with your lover, but you don’t want to go far away from the city? Don’t worry, you can stay in Lisbon and still have a magical, intimate ceremony. Lisbon is famous from its miradouros – city view points, where you can watch the sunset over the Tejo river and colorful, Portuguese buildings. This city might be a perfect place for your elopement in Portugal.

Miradouro de Santa Luzia
Romantic spot with a small fountain and flowers around. It is situated in the heart of Alfama, famous neighbourhood of Lisbon on one of its hills. You can easily find some local, traditional Portuguese restaurants around and invite your beloved one for a glass of wine, watching the sunset.

Miradouro de Sao Pedro de Alcantara
This city view point is located in Bairro Alto, the neighbourhood well known from good restaurants, parties and live music in the evenings. This spot is surrounded by small garden, from which you can see colorful buildings of central Lisbon. A beautiful place for an intimate elopement wedding in the garden.

So you’re eloping to Portugal? Yay! – Portugal elopement photography packages

Getting married in Portugal sounds like a great plan! Portugal is one of the best countries to elope. If you consider Portugal as an elopement destination don’t forget to take me with you! 🙂 You can count on me with choosing the best spots for elopement in Portugal and arranging the timeline for the ceremony and intimate photoshoot. Shoot me an email for Portugal elopement packages, which prices start from 1900 euros. All elopements are special so let’s get the conversation started so I can prepare the most optimal Portuguese getaway package for you.

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