Home, Uruguay.

June 23, 2019

To be born thousands kilometers away from each other and meet must be some kind of magic. Especially when you happen to understand me like nobody else can, despite all the differences, cultural or superficial. You read my eyes as if they were saying a thousand words. Your touch can heal any pain I suffer. You’re a patient teacher and an eager learner too.

It was important to me to see the place you were born and raised, meet the people that carved your history. What I experienced was ease and kindness, carefree and positive mindset that carved also into my own. My horizon got broadened, my eyes opened wider, my heart felt fuller. Your family is now people I will miss. The wonderful food I tasted is what I will never stop longing for. The humid, warm air and soft wind will feel familiar. The ground you wandered around as a child is now the place I will dream of.

I brought it all home with me, in my heart and what it means only you will understand.

For sharing your love and your home with me I will forever be grateful and give back all of that to you.

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